Low turnout experienced in some schools in Kilifi as schools reopen

A section of class 8 pupils at Kilifi primary PHOTO DAVID NGUMBAO

Kilifi,KENYA:A low turnout was witnessed in several  primary schools in Kilifi  which reopened  after a two months holiday which commenced in October owing to the repeat presidential polls.

In Kilifi primary school,  the turnout stood at 60 percent of the pupils which is equivalent to around 650 pupils out 1,033 pupils .

Speaking in his office on Tuesday, Benson Ponda, the school’s head teacher said the low turnout might have been caused by confusion on the right date for school opening.

“We have opened our school officially today  but the turnout is not  at 100%, it’s at least 60 percent,” Mr. Ponda said.

“I think this low turnout has been as a result of a confusion where some people are saying the official opening date has been postponed to 8th of January 2018, I don’t know where they got the information from, but for me we are open and call for all those pupils still at home to come back to school,” he added.

At St. Thomas primary school in the suburbs of Kilifi County, almost 99 percent of the pupils and teachers have already reported back to school.

According to Phelesia Tunje, the school’s deputy head teacher normally they open the school promptly on the official opening day.

She said they have already put everything in place and studies have begun.

“We have opened our school as per the official opening date set by the ministry of education,” Ms. Tunje said.

“To us it’s a norm to start with seriousness studies every year. Almost 99 percent of our pupils are already in class and business is as usual,” she added.

The schools reopened just a day after the new years celebration.