Kenya lost sh.280 M in telecommunication vandalization during the polls, says Wangusi

Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Director General Francis Wangusi addressing the media at a past briefing. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: Kenya lost sh. 280 million shillings in telecommunications sector during the post-poll chaos, this is according to Communication Authority Of Kenya CA.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Monday, CA director Francis Wangusi termed the incident as unfortunate, warning that such a scenario set a dangerous precedent to the country and investment as a whole and may lead to multiplicative impacts to the economy.

“Impact at that time was severe, worth millions of shillings were lost in an estimate we lost close to sh. 280 million shillings, in terms of vandalization .” Wangusi said.

He warned politicians and citizens to refrain from acts especially during demonstrations which might affect the telecommunication sector indicating that such ugly incidents might lead to huge losses to the telecommunication sector.

“Lets us not translate our emotions into actions that are going to impact negatively on our own economy.Anybody can protest anything, but protest in your heart don’t hurt yourself.” He said.

Wangusi also launched 2018 media houses awards which will permit media houses especially radio and television to forward their entries to various categories which include, regulatory category, local content programming award, prime time award , children programming award, people living with disability award and diversity award.

Other awards in collaborative category include my Kenya story award, accessible broadcasting award, professional and ethical award.

The launch of these awards marks the beginning of this fiscal year’s awards process, which will culminate in the Awards Gala on 23rd May 2018.

Consequently ,the director of Kenya Institute of Special Education Timothy Wambua urged various media houses to invest in sign language as a form of communication ,pointing that during the hearing of the supreme court and swearing in of the president that issue was not factored by a majority of media houses.