Meet Mombasa’s Award winning young travel vlogger Farhana Oberson

Farhana enjoying a meet and greet session with Rafiki Squad. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Brian: I noticed in your videos you refer to your subscribers as Rafiki Squad. Why did you settle on that name?

Farhana: As you know Rafiki is Swahili word for friend. Therefore, I did not like my subscribers referring to themselves as my fans but rather as friends, since I interact with them on social media and we get to know each other on a personal level; this qualifies us as friends. Because I am based in Kenya, My friend suggested the name Rafiki Squad.

Brian: Do you earn money through Vlogging? What would you advise people who want to venture into this?

Yes, the money is there but nothing comes easy in life. I would advise someone who wants to venture into this industry to do it for the passion and not the money; it’s definitely not easy to make money here, myself what I am getting cannot fully pay my bills, but slowly I will get there. Patience is key in this industry.


Farhana Obersen when she won the award for the best YouTube Channel at the 2017 OLX Soma Awards. PHOTO: TWITTER

Brian: You got the award for the best YouTube Channel at the 2017 OLX Soma Awards; beating bigwigs in the industry like Caroline Mutoko. How was the experience?

Farhana: In the beginning, when I was nominated for the Award I had only 4,000 subscribers and the people in the same category with me had a huge following on Youtube. I decided to put much confidence in my campaign with my Rafiki Squad, at some point I felt intimidated but I never lost hope. I remember during the Award ceremony I did an interview with one of the media personalities at the event and was telling her that I was really nervous. She told me not to underestimate my numbers, the support is what counts; numbers don’t matter.



Brian: What’s your favorite food?

Farhana: Biryani! You can’t be from the Coast and not eat biryani. I also love Italian food.

Brian: Best place you have ever visited?

Farhana:  Definitely it’s Italy, the people are beautiful, the city of Milan is gorgeous.

Farhana in front of the beautiful Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Brian: Worst place?

Farhana: (Laughs) A lot of people ask me that. So far no.  I have never been to a place that I said I’ll never come back again.

Brian: Any regrets in life?

Farhana: No. You know anything that you do in life is exactly what you want to do. Everything happens for a reason.

Brian: Your best video?

Farhana: The best video I have done that has gained so much popularity is Ramadhan in Mombasa

Brian: Your top 3 Social media channels?

Farhana: Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat