Tana River man arrested over hate speech allegations on Facebook


Tana River, KENYA: Police in Hola, Tana River County are investigating a man over allegations of publishing inciting statement on his Facebook account.

Mr. Omar Osman Mohamed alias H E Buda Flani as his name on his Facebook account, was arrested in Garsen on Friday morning following a statement of 22nd Nov. 2017 that seventeen MCAs from the majority side of the Tana River county Assembly was attacked by robbers hired by MCAs from the minority side.

According to the Criminal Investigation Department, the statement was not true and that investigations had been launched to know the truth behind it.

The suspect will appear before Hola law court after the investigation is over to be charged if found guilty.

According to the Tana River county Assembly majority leader Mr. Ibrahim Sala also MCA for Bangale ward who was among the MCAs in the convoy allegedly attacked confirmed that there was an attempt of attack at KomoraJila in Hola town suburbs.

Mr. Sala told Baraka Fm through a phone call that the convoy of six vehicles was from Hirimani in Bura constituency or Tana North Sub County where they had gone to distribute relief food to residents affected by floods.

“There was an attempt of an attack just near to Hola. According to those who called me by phone, they told me that they had been stopped by people who were armed.

The vehicle that was stopped by the armed people was third from the first one of which the first and second vehicles had already passed the area,” Mr. Sala said.

“I had to change direction to escape, but nobody was injured in the incident but security officers are investigating the matter,” he added.

The MCA uttered that the mission was to be attended by the whole house but some denied participating.

According to rumors, the two sides of the house had differences on how the relief food was to be distributed, and that is believed to be the reason of the minority side not participating in the trip.

However, the MCA said that he could not know what was behind the attempt of attack until the investigations are over.