Professionals want accounts of counties supporting people’s assembly frozen


Nairobi,KENYA:Council of professionals have petitioned treasury, parliament and office of auditor general to freeze allocation and release of public funds to counties whose county assemblies are supporting enactment of establishment of Peoples Assemblies.

In a media briefing in Nairobi led by the council’s chair Ababu Namwamba said that they have petitioned those institutions to take action against those counties especially Siaya ,HomaBay ,Busia which are supporting such motions which he says goes against the constitution.

“The council has prepared a public petition to the two houses of parliament, The National Assembly ,and the senate asking for specific actions to be taken by the two houses of parliament in respect of those counties who purpot to enact this motion to establish the so called Peoples Assembly .”Ababu said

He reiterated that the petitioned asks for an immediate freeze of funding and disbursement of fubds to the four counties.

The council has also submitted another petition to the office of controller of budget together with the national treasury askiblng for specific measures to be taken against the four counties of Siaya HomaBay ,Kakamega and Vihiga that have purpoted to pass this motion and any other county .

Namwamba said that the county of the four assemblies of those counties have violated the constitution by acting against the law by enacting an assembly which is amorphous.

He has said that the constitution does not give a leeway of establishment of such peoples assembly as the NASA team purports by relying article one of the constitution which leans towards the sovereign power of the people.

Consequently, he noted that there is need to enhance dissolution of those counties for violation of law and good governance.