TUM students threaten to join lecturers on strike


Mombasa,KENYA:Students from the Technical university of Mombasa have threatened to join lecturers on strike if the lecturers strike is not solved within 72 hours .

The student leaders of the Technical University of Mombasa Students Organization who were speaking on Wednesday said the strike had paralyzed learning at the facility.

“We have realized their tricks to deny us our basic need and we promise them that comrade`s patience is at the elastic limit and very soon it will break.We have given the government 72 hours to unfold this stalement or declare this strike a national crisis”.said the union secretary general Nyasimi Derick .

The students said that the strike had also negatively affected their economic wellbeing as they were being forced to dig deeper in the pockets to sustain themselves in school.

The students urged the education cabinet secretary Dr Fred Matiang` to abstain politicking and act with haste on the matter accusing him for giving a deaf ear to the scholars status and taking the matter lightly contrary to the stamping authority he uses to curb education irregularities

The students also urged other student leaders to join them in compelling the ministry to act on the lecturers strike.

The lecturers have been on strike for the second week demanding the implementation of the collective bargaining agreement signed earlier in the year.