Balala climbs Mount Kenya in three days

Tourism CS Najib Balala at the Lenana peak of Mount Kenya PHOTO COURTESY

Tourism CS Najib Balala has successfully reached the Lenana peak of Mount Kenya.

Balala who kicked off his trip on 13th November is seeking to market and raise awareness of adventure tourism in Kenya by climbing of Kenya’s highest mountain.

Balala who announced he had reached the third highest peak the Lenana peak through a photo on his social media accounts captioning it.

“Special thanks to H.E @UKenyatta, My Cabinet colleagues and all Kenyans of good will for their support in cheering me on.

#LenanaPeak#MountKenya#7summitschallenge #7summitsafrica #MagicalKenya #TembeaKenya #Kenya”
Balala used the infamous Naromoru route to climb the Mountain.

A climb up to the Lenana peak takes 3-4 days on the lower side and 7 days on the higher  and Hon Balala took 3 days.