Demonstrators smear human waste at Bangladesh polling station Mombasa

Mombasa county commander calming down demonstrators at Bangladesh Primary during repeat presidential election PHOTO:file

Mombasa,KENYA:Demonstrators have smeared human waste at a polling station in Bangladesh neighborhood of Mombasa.

Residents stormed Bagladesh polling station with buckets of human waste and dumped it there, this is according to witnesses.

The demonstrators who were chanting anti IEBC blocked IEBC officials from setting up the polling station.

The demonstrators also carried placards with one of them bearing the writings.

“No election at Bangladesh”

Staff at a polling centre had a hard task of cleaning up human faeces left by protesters keen to show – and share – their disgust with the electoral process.

The staff trying to clear the human waste.

The polling centre had to be moved to Kajembe High school to enable voters to exercise their right.

More police officers were deployed in the area and Mombasa county commander Johnstone Ipara was seen calming down the angry protesters.