Demonstrators during elections to be met by full force of law, warns Marwa!

Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa. FILE/PHOTO.

Mombasa, KENYA: Voters in Mombasa and the Coast region at large have been assured of security on the election day scheduled for  Thursday 25th of October.

Addressing journalists in Mombasa, Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa Nelson Marwa said measures have been put in all the six counties in the region to ensure that elections go on as planned without interruption.

“All six counties are safe, security arrangements are already in place, there should be no doubt and let them be  assured that voting will take place in all constituencies in Coast region.” Said Marwa.

He also added that all the other areas have also been secured, urging Kenyans that enough police officers have been deployed to enhance security not just for elections but the region as well.

The regional Commissioner also warned those who are sending hate leaflets to desist, as investigations are already underway to find the culprits.

On matters demonstration, Marwa said that those who will be demonstrating during the election day will face the Law.

“Don’t attempt to disrupt others who want to fulfill their rights, you have your rights not to vote so keep off! There must be law and order during elections to allow people to go and vote.” Said Marwa.

National Super Alliance (Nasa) leader Raila Odinga had earlier said that the opposition will hold countrywide demonstrations on October 26, which is the election day.

However, In an exclusive interview with BBC Africa on Tuesday, Odinga said the Opposition had only urged its supporters to keep off from polling stations on Election Day.

“We’ve not told people to demonstrate on the polling day. We’ve not said that at all; we told people to stay away,”” said Raila.

The opposition leader is expected to make a major announcement regarding the way forward for his supporters, during a rally set to take place at Uhuru park on Wednesday Evening (25th October).