Governor Twaha woos NASA supporters in Lamu to shift allegiance


Lamu, KENYA: Lamu governor Fahim Twaha has wooed Lamu residents who still support the opposition NASA instead of Jubilee and told them their votes won’t affect Jubilee in any way.

Twaha said Lamu wouldn’t achieve anything by holding onto and supporting the opposition.

Adressing the public at the County government headquarters in Mokowe on Thursday,Twaha said the time had come for the people of Lamu to stop being enslaved to a confused and plan less opposition and instead join the ship of those supporting Jubilee for their piece of the national cake.

He said according to the August election results,Uhuru beat Raila by more than 1.5 million votes and wondered why some Lamu residents were bent on supporting a side that had visibly and terribly lost.

“Raila needs atleast 1.5 million votes to beat Uhuru.Lamu has has less than 100,000 votes.More than half of those belong to Jubilee and so I don’t understand why anyone in this county will be wasting their time in the name of supporting the opposition.What are you looking for in the opposition?Lamu can never achieve anything that side.On October 26,lets all go out and vote for Uhuru Kenyatta.Its for our own good,”said Twaha.

The governor cited the fact that the Jubilee government had ensured that Lamu was connected to the national grid after more than 50 years,something he said many successive governments hadn’t been able to do.

According to Twaha,the Jubilee government had enabled thousands of squatters in the county to get title deeds for their lands.

He said the Jubilee government had greatly improved infrastructure in public hospitals in Lamu which had for decades been in a poor state.

“We the people of Lamu must learn the art of appreciation whenever something good is done for and to us..The Faza hospital is now at level four thanks to Jubilee.Squatters in Faza, Kiunga, Kizingitini, Pate, Mkunumbi, Mpeketoni, Witu and other areas now have titles.Lamu is now connected to the national grid and much more.Give me a reason why we shouldn’t back Jubilee for more,”said Twaha.