Three fined sh.5000 each for possessing plastic bags by Mombasa court

Francis Kyalo and Hassan Charo who were fined sh. 5000 each for being in possesion of plastic bags by a Mombasa Court. PHOTO: HILLARY MAKOKHA.

Mombasa, KENYA: Three men were on Thursday fined sh. 5000 each by a Mombasa court after they pleaded guilty to the charges of being in possession of plastic bags.

Court further directed them to serve a one month imprisonment if they fail to pay the fine.

Francis Kyalo, Hassan Charo and Nickodemus Ondieki were arrested on Wednesday at Saba saba area in Mombasa selling apples packed in plastic bags.

The apples which were part of the exhibit produced in court. PHOTO: HILLARY MAKOKHA.

On Wednesday, court forgave six people after they pleaded guilty to the charge of being in possession of polythene paper bags.

They were arrested following a patrol conducted by the NEMA officials in Mombasa to curb use of polythene bags.

“I am sentencing you to serve a lesson to others, yesterday I forgave others but it is like you did not get the message,” Said senior resident magistrate Martin Rabera.

Court also issued a warrant of arrest to Musyoka Musambi, who failed to appear in court, after he was arrested on Wednesday and released on police bond of sh.9000.