Woman appeals for aid after husband abandoned her due to baby’s condition

Fauz Salim a 2 year old boy born with cerebral palsy and congenital hydrocephalus. Fauz has developed delays and needs occupational therapy.

Mombasa, KENYA:Two year-old Fauz Salim who suffers from congenital hydrocephalus, a condition characterized by a build-up of excess cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain, is appealing to well wishers to help raise fund for his treatment.

Speaking to Baraka Fm’s Billy Mia  during The Morning Breakfast show on Tuesday, Mwanaidi Mohammed, the mother, said he is currently being taken care of at home as his she struggles to raise the funds needed to buy him the devices recommended by his doctor.

“At the hospital, the doctors first told me that he has to undergo a scan which revealed that he suffers from Congenital Hydrocephalus. Ever since that moment it  has been very hard for me.” Said Mwanaidi.

Mwanaidi who is  a single mother, said the baby’s father abandoned her after seeing her son’s condition leaving her to fend for him and her other two daughters by herself.

“At times I ask God what I did wrong for my baby to go through so much suffering as at times he bites himself and I feel very helpless.” Said a teary Mwanaidi.

According to Consultant Neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Okanga, congenital hydrocephalus causes increase in pressure in the baby’s brain and can lead to brain damage, mental and physical problems.

“Fauz has developed delays and requires special training by occupational therapy.Due to this, he needs utmost care and the family is not in a good financial position to keep him in the hospital for easy monitoring by the doctors. ” Doctor, Benjamin Okanga.

Dr. Okanga says the baby needs devices such as sitting aid with neck support, a stand aid with support of trunk and lower extremities and leg splints.

The fluid that causes build up in Congenital hydrocephalus known as Cerebrospinal fluid, surrounds the brain and spinal chord in healthy individuals protecting them from injuries and supplying them with nutrients at the same time, carrying away the waste products and is usually absorbed in the body where as in people with Congenital hydrocephalus it accumulates causing pressure on the brain.

Doctors say this condition may result due to hemorrhage, blockage or an infection on the passage way. While it is detected at birth, it can also develop during adulthood.

Some of the leading causes of this illness include: Brain tumor, head injuries, meningitis, a genetic defect, infections in the mother such as syphilis and fetal bleeding before birth. Its symptoms are; irritability, vomiting, lack of appetite.

Prenatal care can prevent it since it is detected during an ultra sound. However it may be detected after birth as is the case with Fauz Salim, who according to his mother was born a healthy baby and it was only diagnosed months later.

Doctors say If treated before 4 months, it can help prevent brain damage by sucking out the fluid by use of a shunt to reduce the fluid build up in the brain by transporting it into the stomach or heart where it’s absorbed.

In severe cases, an endoscopic third ventriculostomy surgery may be necessary where a small hole is made in the brain to allow the fluid in the brain flow freely as is the case of Fauz.

Fauz has undergone an operation and unfortunately one side of his body is now paralyzed, this is according to her mother.

Mwanaidi is currently appealing to well wishers to help support her in treating her child through pay bill no: 993967 Account no: Fauz salim.