KDF pursue al shabaab militants who fled Boni Forest


Lamu, KENYA: Kenya Defense Forces-KDF soldiers in Lamu county have intensified a crackdown for more Alshabaab militants said to be in flight mode following the killing of five of militants on Monday.

Linda Boni operation director Joseph Kanyiri said assorted weapons and gadgets including six AK-47 assault rifles,321 rounds of ammunition three grenades and explosives were recovered by the KDF following the onslaught at Bodhei area on the of Lamu-Garissa border.

The area is part of the Boni enclave campaign which basically means its part of the areas zoned in as prominent for Alshabaab entries and attacks.

A considerable number of terrorists are said to have escaped with bullet wounds during the 11.30 am ambush that was laid by the KDF.

Speaking in Lamu on Tuesday,Kanyiri said the KDF are in hot pursuit of those who fled and that they would soon be captured either dead or alive.

He said the Linda Boni operation which is meant to flush out Alshabaab militants who have been camping inside the Boni forest is largely successful and that at the moment,the forest has become too hot for any living thing including the Alshabaab.

“The al shabaab who had been hiding in the Boni forest are now finding it too hot to stay.What with the daily bombardments and ambushes our soldiers have been laying.They are now in what we refer to as floight mode.They are literally running out and we are killing them at it.People have suffered and we are determined to bring back peace,”said Kanyiri.

He termed al shabaab as an enemy whose agenda is to only inflict harm,pain and sorrow and called on all members of the public to loathe the militia and share information on their sightings anywhere on the Lamu or Kenyan soil with the security forces immediately.

Kanyiri also sent out a stern warning to Alshabaab sympathizers in Lamu and said then would face a similar fate as that of the militants if they don’t reform.

He said anyone who sympathizes with or assists a terrorist knowingly is aiding a crime that is punishable under the Kenyan law and the terrorism act.

“With what is happening to the militants here,we know even the sympathizers are terrified.They still have a chance to either reform or face a similar fate as the Alshabaab.If you aid a terrorist in any way however minute,we shall treat you the same way we treat that terrorist because it means you have no regard for human life,peace and development,”said Kanyiri.

He called on locals to submit information to the security agencies operating in the area in order to assist in eliminating the militants who have been terrorizing the region.

Kanyiri said the operation will continue indefinitely until all criminal elements hiding inside the dense Boni forest are completely neutralized.