NASA condemns alleged police brutality against University students

Nominated senator Agnes Zani in a past media briefing PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA:National Super Alliance members of parliament have condemned what they term as police brutality against Nairobi university students who were protesting on Thursday.

In a media briefing at parliamentary buildings ,led by nominated senator Agnes Zani condemned such  an act which was orchestrated  by police terming it a grave violation of human rights .

The students were protesting against the  re arrest of Embakasi East member of parliament Babu Owino in Nairobi who has been their students’ union chair.

Dr Zani said that it is incorrect for the police to use force against students who were in lecturer rooms and hostels insisting picketing is a right  as stipulated in the constitution.

“Excess violence meted on students of  University of Nairobi  during yesterday’s demonstration ,it is quite unfortunate that the police followed the students to their classes and places of residences and beating them  up indiscriminately.”Dr Zani said

“Universities are places of learning and advancing ones knowledge and it is not expected ,that somebody can bring to an end someone’s studies through an injury.”She added

They urged the Independent Police Oversight Authority and Kenya National Human Rights Commission to speedy up investigation against the police who meted violence against students and brought to book.

“We condemn in the strongest possible ,the violence meted on students.we call upon  IPOA to investigate this matter swiftly we also call  KNHCR who are investigating this matter to expedite this investigations.”Dr Zani said

The legislator pointed that such violence is eroding democratic and freedom rights  gained since the 1990’s of single party state.

They warned that they are going to introduce a legislation in parliament which will increase the threshold of  academic qualification of those who will qualify into police service in bid to enhance integrity in the service. Several students were arrested after they engaged police in running battles affecting normal activities around the institution.