Man killed as robbers attack Mpesa shop in Changamwe


Mombasa, KENYA: Armed robbers have shot dead a 40-year-old man and injured two others in Changamwe, Mombasa County.

The four suspects also escaped with an unknown amount of money stored in a box after robbing an Mpesa agent in Msufini area Magongo mwisho, police confirmed Friday.

The four suspects who were riding in two motorcycles, are reported to have stormed into an Mpesa shop in the Thursday 9:30 pm incident.

According to witnesses, they ordered a lady operating the shop to hand them the money; the lady turned them down and she was shot in the leg.

Police said another 40-year-old man was shot on the chest after calling for help  when he heard the gunshots and commotions.

Changamwe DCI boss Francis Wanjau said the man died on arrival at Bomu hospital.

He said the suspects while escaping, bodaboda riders just a few meters from the incident tried to barricade the road but one of the gunmen fired one shot hitting a bodaboda rider on the leg.

“Both the woman and the bodabopda rider are in stable condition,they were rushed to Bomu hospital and are being attended to,” said the DCI boss.

He said one of the suspect was armed with an AK47 rifle.

More police officers have been deployed to hunt down the robbers,the DCI boss asked the public to volunteer information which will lead to arrest of the suspects.

“These are few elements who are trying to destabilise businesses and peace which we have experience for long,we are hunting them down and we will not relent,” said Mr Wanjau

Changamwe has experiecenced low crime rate for the past months as police intensified major operations and patrols in areas suspected to be hide outs for criminals.

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