Akothee and Zari slam Hamisa Mobeto


Barely a week after Diamond confessed to siring Tanzanian socialite and video vixen Hamisa Mobeto’s baby, two of Diamond’s baby mamas are at it again.

Zari Hassan the close to official baby mama and Hamisa threw shade at each other on Thursday over the Tanzanian music mogul.

It all started when Zari posted a posted a photo of herself captioned “all time favourite” on snap chat followed by another captioning which criticized the tsh 200,000 Hamisa was receiving from Diamond for child upkeep.

“Laki 2, (laugh emoji).Stop following my kids lol. Your obsession needs a mental institution. Like the hell?” Zari wrote on Instagam.

Hamisa immediately hit back at Zari asking Zari to vacate the premises as an official owner was just about to settle in.

“Waambie walopanga mwenye Nyumba kaja anameremeta” Hamisa posted alongside a photo of a vehicle captioned Dee Platnumz.

Akothee who is a great friend to Zari would not watch Zari being attacked without coming to her rescue, attacking Hamisa Mobeto over allegedly leaking photos of herself and Diamond in bed in order to manipulate him into publicly taking responsibility of her baby.

but why would I take photos of someone I have just stolen for a sex moment if am not a maliciuos person , I think I can forgive my baby if he is caught in this scenario, why are girls not intelligent , if you succeded & convinced him to bed , then trust me, you can still manipulate his finances without interfearing with his family if you have some brains , so you be his panadol when his main chick is on fire , mbona hamjui kula na vipofu nyie , mbona mashot cut za kijinga ? mmm game yenu iko chini kama kiatu , a man wont be horny forever, and sex wont keep a man, its beyond bed haloooo. goodnight (sijasema mkatafute mabwana za watu , japo munawasaka , na sijataja mtu , leta matusi nikupe raha ) #brains@work, why take evidence of sex , who does’nt know what happens when opposite sex are in bed ? what are you keeping evidence for ? how is hurting his family satisfying your malicious behaviour , it shows clearly you dont even love or want this man , you want this family broken and thats your mission #KARMA” Wrote Akothee.

However Diamond’s family has not spoken ever since the scandal came to the limelight.