Four men killed by Alshabaab buried in Lamu

Villagers of Jima village flee their village after suspected Alshabaab terorists raided the village . FILE/PHOTO.

Lamu,KENYA:Four men who were killed by suspected Alshabaab militants in Silini and Bobo villages last week have been buried.

There was grief as the four,Joseph Kimani,a teacher at Bobo primary school,Gerald Wagunyi,Samuel Ngushu and Hillary Kiara were buried on Tuesday evening.

The teacher was buried at Uziwa village in Mpeketoni while the other three were buried at Bobo village.

The four were butchered to death after a group of more than 30 heavily armed suspected Alshabaab militants raided their villages on the night of September 6.

The burial ceremonies witnessed a huge presence of KDF soldiers and police.

Various county leaders among them governor Fahim Twaha and security bosses attended the burials.

Addressing mourners,Twaha appealed to the national government to get serious with the war on terror and expressed his displeasure with the manner in which innocent civilians continue to lose their lives at the hands of such.

He said the county government will lend all the necessary cooperation in order to aid the war on terrorism and be able to restore Lamu’s security once more.

Twaha promised to engage the president and have him deploy more KPR officers to the county in order to reinforce the war against Alshabaab.

“Its unfortunate that we still have to bury our people who are killed by Alshabaab.Its time for the government to be more efficient in the war on Alshabaab.Enough people have been killed ,lets not lose more.Let the government do something to stop this and as a county government,we shall back them in whichever way possible.Am talking to the president for him to bring in more KPR officers,what we have isn’t close to enough,”said Twaha.

Mounrners urged the government to tame the security of the region in order to reduce and stop the number of lives perishing at the hands of Alshabaab militants.

They also urged the government to increase the number of military and police camps in terror prone areas including Hindi,Witu,Basuba,Kiunga,Ishakani,Maleli,Pandanguo,Jima and Poromoko.

“We are ready to be trained in military skills and be given guns so that we can protect ourselves.They should also increase military and police camps in such areas,”
said William Mwangi.

Security chiefs who attended the burials urged residents to be peaceful and cooperate with police in the war on terror by submitting crucial information on suspects.

They said no one had reason to worry as the region was well guarded and secured.