New twist in naked “Car thieves” drama as police claim incident was stage managed

The two naked "car thieves" at the incident that took place in Bamburi Mombasa. PHOTO: BRIAN OSWETA.

Mombasa, KENYA: The naked “Car thieves” drama story took a new twist on Wednesday evening after police arrested three people-two Ugandan men and a Kenyan Woman for having allegedly stage managed the whole incident.

The Wednesday incident that shocked residents and the country at large, saw two suspected thieves stripp naked, sang, dance looking all hypnotized in Bamburi, with residents speculating that the two men were bewitched by the owner of the saloon car they had allegedly stolen last week.

One of the men had a snake dangling around his neck, with one smearing mud on the car.

Kisauni OCPD, Christopher Rotich however said the three planned the deceit scheme, with an
intention of decieving Kenyans into subscribing for their witchcraft services, which in reality, they don’t provide.

Rotich said the two were also arrested for illegally being in possession of a snake, which is contrary to KWS laws.

The snake was taken away by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers.

Meanwhile, the suspected thieves were taken to a mental hospital for assessment as police continue with investigations.

The three suspects are in custody at the Bamburi Police Station.

Mombasa residents have expressed different reactions regarding the incident with some agreeing with the police.

“I know those car thieves they live in Kiembeni this is something they usually do then a witch doctor comes out to claim that he has powers to make them normal again,” Said one Ali Salim.

Others failed to believe how someone who is of sane mind would do such a thing.

“You mean someone would do that just to get money? I highly doubt this is Mombasa my friend,” said Mercy Acheng.

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