Drama as two men dance naked in Bamburi with a snake over theft

One of the men dances in public with a snake PHOTO /BRIAN OSWETA

Mombasa,KENYA:Residents of Masters area in Bamburi were on Wednesday morning treated to drama after two men started dancing  naked in the area, with one of them holding a snake.

According to eye witnesses who spoke to Baraka FM, the two men arrived in the vehicle at around 6.30 am in the morning  before they left the vehicle carrying a snake and started stripping ,smearing mud on themselves while dancing with the snake.

Occasionally, the two caused near stampedes as the one holding the snake threatened to throw the snake into the crowd.

All the while, the live snake never left his hands, with the guy dancing and smiling towards the crowd as the other smeared mud on the car.

Witnesses allege the two had earlier stolen the Nissan Fuga and were driving it towards Bamburi Mtambo from Bamburi Mwisho, before they stopped at the masters area and got out and stripped naked.

According to Mercy Njeru one of the residents in Bamburi, the stolen car belonged to a Tanzanian national.

“I was in the house and my neighbor told  me a stolen car has been recovered I rushed to the scene to see whether the car belonged to my husband,” She said.

“On arrival I saw one of the guys naked having a snake on his neck and I was told that the car belonged to a Tanzanian who had put witchcraft on the car which had a snake, so when they tried to steal the car they ended up stripping naked with one holding the snake and the other using mud to wash the car.” She concluded.

The incident which happened early Wednesday morning, caused huge traffic in the area. It took the intervention of police officers who arrived at the area and took the men to a nearby police station.

This is not the first time incidences of witchcraft are being reported in Mombasa, one incident that people remember to date, is the one during post election violence in 2007; where thieves who stole TVs ended up having them stuck on their back.

This comes after the same kind of incident happened recently in Bungoma where a man rushed to the police station after a swarm of bees attacked him as he attempted to get away, after stealing a vehicle.

He caused a scene after rushing to Bungoma police station with the bees in tow.