ODM leadership in Kinango decries marginalization in MCA nominations

Kwale ODM supporters at a past briefing PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa,KENYA:An ODM Lobby Group from Kinango has issued an ultimatum of two weeks to the ODM leadership in the county to  degazette the list of member of county assembly nominees  on claims that Kinango sub county was not allocated any slot .

Addressing journalist at in Mombasa on Wednesday Rashid Kurera the chairperson of the lobby group said that 9 slots were allocated to ODM in the county and none was allocated to the vast sub county despite the sub-county delivering the highest number of presidential votes.

The official expressed disappointment that despite having worked tirelessly for the ODM party within the county not even a single was MCA was allocated a slot.

“Kinango sub county produced the largest number of presidential votes in all Kwale sub counties with over 43,000 turn out.” He said.

They vowed to shift to another party if their demands are not taken into consideration.

On the other hand, Ruwa Mzungu an ODM diehard said that as ODM party agents they have been working tirelessly for the past fifteen years strategizing on how to strengthen the party at the grassroot level.

He noted that through their support the ODM party managed to scoop five seats, one parliamentary and four county assembly seats that hailed from Puma, Mwavumbo, Samburu-Chengoni and Makina Road- Makamin.

“We worked ceaselessly for the ODM party in the past fifteen years and scooped several votes but to our utmost surprise no one was nominated.” He said.

They called on the county government of Kwale to ensure that justice is done to all county assembly members within the county.

County assembly nominations are currently going on across the 47 counties in the country.