Twaha sworn in as Lamu governor, security as his top agenda 1st 100 days

Lamu governor Fahim Twaha during the swearing in ceremony. PHOTO: FILE

Lamu, KENYA: Newly elected Lamu governor Fahim Twaha has pledged to prioritize security among his top most agendas within his first 100 days in office.

Speaking shortly after he was officially sworn in as Lamu governor at the Mkunguni Square in Lamu town on Friday,Twaha acknowledge that insecurity caused by constant Alshabaab raids in various parts of the county had greatly affected tourism and general development in the county.

He said security was the backbone of any development and said he would work with the national government to ensure peace and calm are restored in Lamu, in order to ensure for a more stable growth of the tourism sector and others.

Twaha said he was working on a plan to have terror prone areas like Kiunga and Basuba have daily helicopter patrols in order to ensure any terror elements are spotted on time and nipped in the bud.

“I understand the challenge of insecurity that has plagued Lamu for the last few years and as such understand that it has to be top on my priority list.Lamu must regain its past glory where it was known to be the safest and peaceful county,”said Twaha.

The governor extended an olive branch to all poll losers in the county and asked them to join hands with him in serving the people of Lamu and pledged to serve all without favor or discrimination.

He lauded the IEBC for an election he termed as well conducted as opposed to the 2013 general election which he said was flawed, causing him to lose the gubernatorial seat to the immediate outgoing governor Issa Timamy.

“My win is well deserved and I call upon all those who didn’t make it to join me in making Lamu better.What God has decided,let no man oppose,”he said.

Twaha said he would also put more emphasis on marine security and would collaborate with the national government and necessary bodies to ensure sea farers are safe at all times.

He said there was need to have in place a 24/7 marine patrol unit that will help save liges whenever marine accidents occur.

Twaha said there would be helicopters patrolling the Basuba and Kiunga waters which are considered deepest to enable to prompt detection of any emergencies at sea and subsequent help and rescue to enable to lives are lost at sea as has been the norm.

He said they would also ensure all boats operating in Lamu are installed with functional radio calls to enable them easily call for help whenever they encounter emergencies at sea.

“Marine accidents are becoming a concern due to the rate at which they are happening here in Lamu.We shall ensure 24/7 patrols on sea even using helicopters on the deeper ends of Kunga and Basuba so we can save lives on time whenever such accidents occur.We recently lost the family of one our politicians in an incident many of us believe would have been less tragic if patrols had been there.All boats will have to installed with radio calls so they can call for help where need be,”said Twaha.

Twaha said his precedessors had instilled tribal and religious politics in the people and said it was his mandate to unite all tribes and religions in the county; to ensure for a more peaceful and stable Lamu and asked God to heal those who divided Lamu.

The governor said he would ensure all residents get their lands demarcated and are accorded title deeds with the first 100 days of his assumption to office.

He also promised to clean up Lamu and remove the excess dirt and garbage and said currently,Lamu town was in a bad unhygienic state not suitable enough to attract visitors and tourists.

To solve the issue of water scarcity,Twaha said he had plans to siphon water from the Tana River and have it cleaned and sanitized for domestic use for residents.

He promised to ensure education for all children especially those from needy backgrounds and stressed that no child would miss out on education because they don’t have school fees since the county government would set aside a fund for them.

He pledged to support all projects that will be beneficial to the county and said he would ensure the youth get jobs in all mega projects being established in Lamu including the new Lamu port LAPSSET.

“People must get title deeds to their lands and Lamu town must be cleaned up for it stinks.We need to do better so that more tourists can come and for Lamu to regain its glory of greatness and cleanliness once again,” he said.