Police raid Mishi Mboko’s aide’s house in Likoni

Mishi Mboko displays here certificate after being declared the Likoni MP. In between her and the man dressed in checked shirt is Musa Omwanda.

Mombasa, KENYA: Six armed police officers don in civilian clothes on Monday raided the house of a man who claims to be the personal assistant to Likoni Member of Parliament elect  Mishi Mboko.

The officer’s are said to  have been looking for the 29-year-old Musa Omwanda, accusing him of mobilizing criminal gangs to protest and loot business shops, after Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the President-elect.

According to the wife, he was not in the house at the time of raid.

“They came at around 10 am, my husband had just left a few minutes,they were in civilian clothes but I could only tell they were police officers as they were armed,” said a tearful Akinyi.

She said the officers ransacked everything in the house but could not explain what exactly they were looking for.

“I tried to ask them what they were looking for but one of them told me not to inquire more as they were on a mission,” said Akinyi.

Akinyi said they turned the house upside down as clothes and utensils were thrown all over, with some even messing up her bedroom and even extending the search in the toilet.

“They asked  for my husband’s cellphone number but I told them I had no phone,another one told me that they were looking for my husband because there were some goods stolen and he was a prime suspect,” she added.

Miss Akinyi said the officers later left their home and told her to inform her husband to report to a police station as soon as possible.

Later, Likoni DCI boss Henry Ndombi confirmed the incident to Baraka FM but said the suspect was only summoned to record a statement with police.

“I think the matter is being handled by the Regional department, it is not with us over here,” said the DCI boss.

Musa and his wife spent almost 8 hours as they were being grilled.

He said he was asked about his plans to mobilize criminal gangs to demonstrate over presidential results where Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner.

“They had all my details they asked me where I was born, the school where I attended and after that they showed me my image in their phones,I was shocked,” said Musa.

He added that he was asked about  conducting an  illegal meeting with a group of youth in Likoni.

“They told me the government was aware of his whereabouts, his meetings and the youth he has been meeting,they warned me that action will be taken but they didn’t expound which action,”said Musa.

Musa distanced himself from the claims, saying he had never organized any illegal meeting with gangs nor youth in the sub-county.

“Am still shocked up to now as I don’t know where  they got all this false information,to make the matters worse, they knew my home town in Migori,it seems like they have been trailing me,” said a tearful Musa.

Efforts to reach the Likoni Mp elect regarding the matter bore no fruits, as our calls went an answered.