Vanessa Mdee reveals why she broke up with Jux

Vanessa Mdee and Jux during happier times PHOTO COURTESY

Bongo songstress Vanessa Mdee has revealed how her exboyfriend RnB singer Jux used to blue tick her.

In  an interview with Dizzim Online Vanessa revealed that  Jux’s weird behaviours  and relunctance to communicate was the reason why they broke up.

meseji inatumwa saa 12 asubuhi  jibu unakuja kupata saa 6 mchana na zile tiki unaziona zinakuwa za blue inakuwaje sasa?… au mtu unamuuliza umekula? yeye anajibu kwa kuguna….. yanaweza kuwa sio mapenzi ya kisela ila vile vitabia tabia vinaashiria kuna kitu,

(You send a message at 6.00 am in the morning only for it to be responded at 12 noon and the blue ticks are there.You ask him if he has eaten and he responds in a nod.Love may be in the air but such kind of behavior is enough evidence that everything is not okey) Vanessa said.

“Ama Hi baby how are you and he responds poa” Vanessa added.

Vanessa also added that she regrets putting her relationship in the limelight though she still in love with her estranged exboyfriend

Vanessa started dating Jux in 2014 but only made the relationship public in March 2015.

However, their relationship was faced with challenges and allegations of Vanessa having a relationship with American RnB singer Trey Songz and a married Tanzanian man both which Vanessa denied.

Vanessa revealed that they had broken up last month  just a few weeks after she congratulated Jux for graduating from a Chinese University.