Kingi receives blessings from religious leaders to defend gubernatorial seat

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi being prayed for by religious leaders alongside Kilifi North MP aspirant Owen Baya at Mida in Matsangoni. PHOTO: DAVID NGUMBAO.

Kilifi, KENYA: Kilifi governor Amason Kingi on Wednesday received support from religious leaders in the area who endorsed him as the gubernatorial candidate in the coming August 8th elections.

The endorsement ceremony was held at Mida in Mastangoni and Gede, North of the outskirts of Kilifi town.

Speaking during the events graced by Christian religious leaders of all denominations in Mida, Bishop Amos Lewa declared support for Kingi on behalf of the others.

He said for what the County chief has achieved in his tenure, he deserves a pat on the back and should be voted for by the people to continue his work.

“We have seen for ourselves for the past four years you have been in power what you have done for the people of Kilifi. You deserve a pat on the back for the good work,” Bishop Lewa said.

“Furthermore, we urge you to consider the church even more on the issues affecting us. For example we are facing challenges of paying Sh. 2,000 to National Environmental Management Authority NEMA for every crusade we conduct, based on the fact that we are not doing business ensure this is waived for ease of spreading the Gospel,” added Lewa.

Bishop Lewa also urged Governor Kingi to assist them in ensuring land rates for churches are waived off.

He also urged him to set aside funds to support the church.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Community leaders raised issues of discrimination on issuance of  Identity Cards .

Ustadh Mohamed Amin said Muslims have been facing a lot of  challenges in getting the essential document yet they are Kenyans.

“We are crying over this challenge of getting ID cards Mr. Governor, This has been disturbing us for many years, but we believe you have the capacity to deal with it amicably, kindly intervene,” said Ustadhi Amin.

Other issues raised by  the Muslim leaders, were that the county government set aside funds for the purchase of land and construction of cemetery among others.

On his side, Governor Kingi vowed to work hand in hand with them if re-elected in the forthcoming general elections.

He urged them to form associations for them to be easily accessible to the Mbegu fund and County donations kitty as the law does not allow him to fund them directly.