Govt pathologist refuses to release autopsy results for man killed by police

Government pathologist Mbuko Ngali PHOTO:COURTESY

Kilifi, KENYA: Government pathologist Mbuko Ngali  on Wednesday carried out an autopsy of the body of a 32-year-old man who was killed by a prison police officer in Kilifi but refused to give the details of the results.

When approached by the press regarding the autopsy results, Mbuko declined to address the press.

The exam was witnessed by officers from the Independent Policing Oversight Authority and a representative of the Independent Medico-Legal Unit.

According to family members and friends who witnessed the autopsy exercise, the Criminal Investigation Officer Present (name withheld) confirmed to them that the shooting was done on a close range.

Baraka Thoya, one of the witnesses said the exercise showed the bullet hit the deceased behind the left shoulder and hit the heart on the chest.

“We have witnessed the autopsy exercise and seen that Jamal was shot from behind on the left shoulder with the CID officer present confirming to us it was from a close range,” Baraka said.

“What we are waiting for now is the written report on the same, so that we could be sure what we have seen is what has been jotted down,” he added.

Nyamawi Mwagambo, the father of the deceased told Baraka FM that his son has left behind a wife and four children.

He called upon the government to assist the family of the deceased, as he is not able to do so due to poverty.

“I know the people who shot my son are the police and they are the same people who are conducting investigations.I urge the government to help the family,” Mwagambo said.

According to Solomon Katama, a youth leader in Kilifi County, already there are two murder cases of the same nature and up to date no justice has prevailed for the families.

“We have seen such cases where a young man and a pastor were shot dead by police and since then nothing like justice has prevailed. I doubt this too, but let’s wait and see what happens,” Katama said.

The body of the deceased is set to be buried at his home in Chonyi on 15th July 2017.

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