Corruption cartels to blame for unga shortage, says Raila


Nairobi, KENYA:The National Super Alliance presidential candidate Raila Odinga has said that the Unga crisis rocking the country is as a result of massive corruption and cartels who want to benefit out of it.

In a media briefing in Nairobi on Tuesday ,Raila said that the crisis has been occasioned by the lack of goodwill by the Jubilee administration in tackling corruption effectively, thus affecting the agriculture sector.

“Our war on corruption is a war of a better Kenya.’’ Raila said.

He reiterated that if he clinches power, he will establish cooperative enterprise fund so as to revive cooperatives in the central region, which will result into high quality of tea and coffee products.

“Everywhere across the world farmers are never left to struggle on their own, our commitment is to ensure that quality and affordable farm inputs, seeds and fertilizer are available and closer to the farmers.” He said.

He also promised to embark on infrastructural development including rural roads and implementation of mass transit interconnecting all counties to uphold trading among counties across the country.

On Monday this week, Odinga received a couple of Kiambu leaders and a few members of Kiambu county Assembly who joined him backing his presidential bid.

Odinga together with other NASA leaders on Tuesday championed their campaign trail in Kiambu county to woo voters from the county which is inclined towards Jubilee party.