Communication giant hits 28 million clients countrywide

Safaricom headquarters

Mombasa,KENYA:Communication giant  Safaricom has recorded a boom in the number of clients hitting a total of 28 million clients throughout the country.

Speaking to journalists at the Royal Court Hotel in Mombasa  on Wednesday during a one day workshop to sensitize the public on the electro magnetic field frequencies emitted by Base Transmitter Stations Stephen Chege the director of corporate affairs for the company stated that the company has been accruing profits in the recent past due to stabilized base transmitters distributed throughout the country.

The official said that there are over 4000 Base transmitter stations throughout the country thereby making the company at top of its competitors throughout the country.

“We have  hit a total of 28 million clients throughout the world and this has been attributed to a stronger communication network through our BTS. We have over 4000 BTS countrywide.” He said.

He outlined that the 28 million clients have been using the internet through sending messages and making  calls directly to their kins and added that  the company has recorded over 21 million MPESA users throughout the country.

The official said in conjunction with other communications stakeholders they are planning to conduct awareness campaign meetings to educate the public on the general safety of the BTS.

On the other hand, Henry Ochieng the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Alliance of Residents Association noted that they have severally received complaints from the public on whether or not the stations have a negative impact on the public.

The CEO highlighted that the public lacks basic information and therefore called upon communication stakeholders throughout the country to carry out extensive awareness campaigns on the safety and effects of the BTS distributed throughout the country.

“We have been receiving complaints from the public on whether the BTS have an impact to the common man. It seems the society is not well informed and I therefore wish to call on all communication stakeholders to conduct an awareness campaign on the same.” He said.

At the same time Marnus van Wyk, an Electro Magnetic Frequency and Human Health expert from South Africa said the role of their company is to focus on the safety of base transmitter stations including all electronic and electric devices.

He pointed out that all electronically generated devices emit magnetic waves depending on their electromagnetic frequencies.

“Our company, the EMSS, mainly focuses on the safety of BTS users of electronically generated devices. Some of these devices include among others mocro waves, electric iron, televisions, radio, wi fi, BTS, mobile phones and recorders.” He noted.

The expert urged base transmitter stations throughout the world should  to adhere to international standards including the World Health Organization.