Police investigate alleged theft of equipment worth sh. 2M in Kwale county offices


Kwale, KENYA: Police have launched investigations into alleged theft of electronics worth sh. 2 Million at the county offices in Kwale.

County Chief Officer for Public Service and Administration Mr Nurrein Mwatsahu, on Friday told journalists that the incident took place on Wednesday night and they are suspecting it to be an inside job.

Among the offices in the building are Communication department, Public service and Administration, Lands, Education and Pay roll offices.

Equipment from the Governor’s Press office which  were taken; include two video cameras, two laptops and a television set for the Governor’s press.

According to Chief Officer for Public Service and Administration Mr. Nurrein Mwatsahu, the thieves used a master key.

“I can say this is coordination by people within this building since the thieves searched the entire place and that’s shows that the person had an idea of how this office looks like,” he said.

Mr. Mwatsahu said that the act was similar to another one which happened early this year in February, where his laptop which had important information about the staff was stolen.

However, the chief officer said all the stolen items were recovered after a Matatu driver took the suspected thief to a police station early in the morning.

The driver noticed the suspect was carrying items that looked like they had been stolen, when he board the vehicle at Kwale junction heading to the sub-county hospital.

The suspect fled after realizing that the driver was taking him to a police station and left what he had stolen in the Matatu.

Mr. Mwatsahu said  at the moment investigations are being done on their enforcement security guards, the Administration police who guard the County Treasury offices and some staff members.

“We are disappointed by our security personnel as they did not see the culprits who entered the offices yet there were two night guards. We have discussed the issue with my colleagues and agreed to seek support from the administration police for more safety,” he said.

Matuga OCPD Michael Mwaura confirmed the incident to Baraka FM and said investigations have already commenced.

“The suspect ran away when the driver wanted to report him to the police. We have already launched investigations.” Said Mwaura.