Businesses boom in Lamu as Idd approaches

Muslim faithful during Ramadan in Lamu town. FILE/PHOTO.

Lamu, KENYA: Businesses in Lamu continue to record huge profits even as the Holy month of Ramadan nears the end next week.

Shop owners,grocers,boat owners and bus owners said initially,business was bad at the beginning of Ramadan but picked up especially this week.

They are hopeful that things will be even better with the close of the holy month of Ramadan.

The number of traders in Lamu town had also grown considerably forcing the county government to allow them to conduct their business outside the Municipal market including the Mkunguni Square.

“There are so many traders at this particular time who can’t all fit in the Municipal market.We have allowed them to carry out their business outside the market and also at the Mkunguni square.They will however expected to go back inside or to their respective markets once Ramadhan is over,” said Mohamed Swaleh,a county officer.

The increased sales are from the huge number of customers buying various wares and goods in bulk in preparation for Idd celebrations.

“At this moment,I cant seem to get enough to sell since there are so many customers.People are buying stuff in bulk to store in their homes ahead of the Idd celebrations and its doing us as traders a lot of good,” said William Mwangi,a grocer.

Boutique owners are also experiencing increased sales as people buy coveted clothes and accessories ahead of Idd celebrations.

Bus owners on the Lamu-Mombasa route are also reaping big due to the increased number of people travelling in and out of Lamu for Idd celebrations slated for next week.

“The number of passengers has increased.We have many people coming to Lamu from Mombasa,Malindi and other places to join friends and family for Idd.Others are leaving Lamu for other destinations.Business is really good,” said Mahfudh Mohamed,a driver on the Lamu-Mombasa route.