Police launch investigations over circulation of leaflets warning non locals in Likoni

Likoni DCI boss henry Ndombi on left with Ocpd chief Willy Simba having emergency meeting in their offices moments after the leaflets were found in Likoni. PHOTO: WELDON KEMBOI.

Mombasa, KENYA: Police in Likoni Mombasa County have launched investigations into the circulation of leaflets warning non locals in the sub-county and coastal city to leave before the August general elections.

Likoni police chief Willy Simba  on Friday confirmed to Baraka FM that the letter was hand written and so far one suspect is being pursued by the authorities.

The leaflets written in Swahili, warned that criminal gangs of Wakali kwanza,MRC, Wakali Wao,Wajuku wa Bibi and Watalia have gang up with terror group of al shabaab ahead of august election against non-locals, Wabara.

It added that the gangs have been undergoing military training in undisclosed area and now they are ready.
The leaflets were circulated in Mtongwe area on Thursday night in some of the houses.

Residents woke up on Friday and alerted the security officials who moved swiftly and led an emergency meeting with the residents.

The police boss termed the propaganda as malicious adding that the author just wanted to create fear in the area which has experienced peace over the years.

“We have launched investigations to ascertain the author of the leaflets,we want to assure everyone that soon we will arrest the culprits,’’said Mr Simba.

All the security organs in the sub-county and others from regional police headquarters visited the area and called for sanity among the residents to remain calm as investigations were being carried out.

Violence erupted August 13, 1997 in the region where the gangs used automatic weapons and attacked a police station in likoni.

It is alleged that six police officers were killed and several guns stolen at the station.