Judges urged to take office oaths seriously

Judges take oath of office

Nairobi, KENYA: Deputy chief justice Philomena Mwilu has warned judges not to be taking office oaths as a formality of getting jobs but instead discharge their duties as per constitution.

Speaking while addressing the newly sworn in members of the communication and multimedia appeals tribunal on Friday, Judge Mwilu asked them to desist from favoritism after taking their oaths.

“The oath you have taken is between you and your maker.” Said Mwilu.

The swearing in of the ceremony saw William Oketch appointed as the chairperson of the communication of multimedia appeals Tribunal.

Janet Wekesa, Isaiah Kibet Cherotich, Annet Nasiaki and Ebrahim Mutembei were also sworn as members of communication of multimedia appeals Tribunal.

The tribunal will be listening to the complaints against journalists and telecommunication companies in case of any misunderstanding and thereafter, fine whoever has committed the offense.