Mung’aro pledges to start Education Loans Board in Kilifi if elected

Kilifi North Mp Gideon Mung'aro meeting with Kilifi residents during a rally. PHOTO/FILE.

Kilifi, KENYA: Kilifi County gubernatorial hopeful on Jubilee ticket Gideon Mung’aro has pledged to start up a Kilifi County  education loans board if elected in the August 8 polls.

The current Kilifi North  legislator, on Tuesday said  that the program is aimed at increasing the number of students in Universities who are unable to cater for their education due to poverty.

Addressing the public during a campaign oriented baraza at the Karisa Maitha sports ground, Mung’aro said the level of education in  Kilifi County has been found to very low.

He expressed concerns that an emergency intervention needs to be put up to salvage the education sector in the County, for a better foundation for the next generation.

“I have been closely watching to see the interventions by the current County government which represents the entire County but unfortunately I have been unable to spot anything beneficial.  In My government should you elect me in in August, I have a plan to counter poverty in relation to education by starting up a loans board that will ensure all students having met the requirements to join University, are catered for till completion of their learning,” said Mung’aro.

On the other hand,  Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi has expressed difficulty in funding other levels of education in the county, arguing that at the moment only early childhood education (ECD) is devolved.

Kingi, in a past public rally said he has the ambitions to take Kilifi County to a higher level in matters education, but the law bars him from doing so.

“I am really pained by the situation of education facilities in this great county, from primary to the universities but I can do nothing to salvage it, as the law is clear that my mandate is on the ECD, which my government has done a lot,” Kingi said.

The establishment of the board is expected to benefit many students in the county who have potential, but cannot achieve their goals due to poverty.

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