Aspirants not well informed on critical issues, Activists

Campaign posters at a past election PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa,KENYA:Human rights activists in Mombasa have expressed their dissatisfaction over  political aspirants seeking for elective seats in the county government come August this year.

Speaking to journalists on Saturday after hosting a county political debate for  both senatorial  and women representatives  aspirants at the Mbaraki Hall in Mombasa Yusuf Lule the director of Human Rights Agenda (HURIA) said most of the aspirants are not well informed on issues that affect the masses in the country claiming that  it is a barrier towards their political aspiration.

Lule however added that there is still some time for the aspirants to recollect themselves and come out with the best they can deliver to the Kenyan voter and noted that the politicians were given a prime opportunity to explain their policies to the citizens so that they can be voted in during the August eighth elections.

The Director further stated Mombasa residents had the best opportunity to know all the politicians contesting for elective seats within the county docket and thereby make informed decisions during the August 8 elections.

Speaking during the debating session Jubilee senatorial aspirant  Abulsalaam  Kassim said the role of a leader is to deliver efficient services to the common man and not empty words and further claimed that some of the leaders end up forgetting their responsibilities as leaders when they descend to power and accumulate wealth  an aspect he described being contradicts the principle of good leadership and governance.

“The role of a leader is to deliver services to the common man and not empty talk. Some of us forget our responsibilities when we get into power contrary to the principle of good leadership and governance and leadership.”He said

On the other hand,  Mohammed Abbas a senatorial aspirant on an independent ticket urged Mombasa senatorial aspirants  from the two big political machinery to prepare for a bruising battle due to the cropping up of many independent candidates in Mombasa county.

Defending himself before the panelists and the residents Abbas pointed out that once elected for the position of a senator, he would play a leading role in keeping a track of all the records  of all the funds streaming into the county’s budget claiming that the  current  county government has failed to account for all the monies allocated.

“Let my friends prepare for a tough battle ahead. Once elected for this position of a senator I will make sure that all the funds allocated to the county is accounted for.” Abbas said.

At  the same time, Zam Zam Mohammed  Mombasa women representative aspirant said the current government has failed to address the employment  plight facing the youth in Mombasa  county and promised to build a mega youth business project that will open up business channels hence providing employment opportunities to Mombasa youth.

He highlighted that  noted that Kenyans will vote in leaders not on political affiliations but through well articulated policies grounded on a legal framework aimed at benefiting  Mombasa residents.

“The current leadership has failed to address the challenges facing our youths. I promise to open a variety of business projects in order to open hundred of business job opportunities for the youth.” She said

Also in attendance were senatorial aspirants Hamisi Mwaguya,  Mohammed Faki, Jabess Oduor women representative aspirants Sara Makau, Khadija Muhsin among others and lead panelist and Pwani Universty Don Prof. Halimu Shauri.

The event was organized by Human Right Agenda in collaboration with the National Cohesion and Integration Commission, Jomo Kenyatta University and the Technical University of Mombasa among other stakeholders.