Legendary Tanzanian artiste reveals the source of beef between Ali Kiba  and Diamond

Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba PHOTO COURTESY

Legendary Tanzanian artiste AT has revealed ther source of the alleged existing beef between Ali Kiba and Diamond.

In an interview with Clouds FM, Tanzania the artiste who is set to release a new song  said that problems between the two stars trace way back to 2010 when they had travelled to Oman for a show .

The star said that the two stars nearly exchanged blows at a hotel room in Oman after a game they were playing went wrong.

“They (Kiba and Diamond) were in my hotel room at Dream hotel in Oman playing a PS game , Ali had placed his bet on Real Madrid while Diamond had placed his bet on Barcelona .Ali scored  2 and Diamond 3  and just when Ali was about to take a free kick , Diamond shoved him away and Ali  posed the game and stood up in anger.” AT said.

The singer further added that it took his intervention to neutralize the situation since the two hitmakers were almost exchanging blows after he urged them to concentrate on why they had travelled   to Oman.

However the singer said that he doesn’t know who between the two leaked the incident to the public marking the beginning of their infamous beef in the public eye.

In past incidents both artistes have been quoted by both Kenyan and Tanzanian media denying the existence of any beef between the two and instead laying the blame on fans who have grouped themselves as team Kiba and team Diamond however in October 2017 problems between the two became evident after Ali Kiba accused Diamond’s manager Salim Sharaff of cutting short his concert at the Mombasa rocks concert that was headlined by Chris Brown.