Godhana back on the Tana River gubernatorial race

Tana Tiver Governor Dhandho Godana PHOTO COURTESY

Tana River,KENYA:Tana river gubernatorial aspirant major (Rt.) Mr. Dhadho Godhana has revived his governorship aspirations as he prepares for  the IEBC nominations on Thursday.

This was after his name was put back on the IEBC list  a few days after his name missed on the IEBC final list and was instead replaced with of his ODM counterpart Mr. Adam Barisa Dhidha.

According to the returning officer Mr. Mohamed Gonjobe Raka the changes were done by the party and that the aspirant was to present his documents on Thursday evening.

Mr. Raka told reporters that he had talked with Mr. Barisa whose ambitions are dimmed, that the IEBC deal with whatever given by the party and that if he (Mr. Barisa) had issues with the decision he should resolve with the party.

“There are other new changes; Mr. Godhana is back on our list. I have talked to Mr. Barisa who had been replaced with him and I told him to solve with his party if he has some issues with the party’s decision,” said Mr. Raka.

Mr. Godhana had been following up the matter with his ODM party to know his Thursday’s fate where the IEBC will be commencing the gubernatorial nominations at its Hola office.