War brewing between Bahati’s girlfriend  and baby mama

Bahati's baby mama Kisha Yvette Obura(L),Bahati (M) and Bahati's girlfriend Diana Marua (L) PHOTO COURTESY

Over the weekend, controversial gospel singer Kevin Bahati introduced his 2 year old biological daughter Mueni Bahati to the public.

Reactions among his fans were divided with some applauding him for taking a bold move, while others were castigating him for hiding his biological daughter from the public eye.

Many wondered if the revelation would cause friction between him and his prayer partner/girlfriend Diana Marua .

Several media outlets have reported that Bahati sired Mueni with his exgirlfriend Kisha Yvette Obura 2 years ago.

Well the incident did not cause friction between the two as Diana later posted a photo of herself and the little girl on instagram saying the little girl was lucky to have Bahati as her father.

Despite Kisha shooting down any rumors of an existing affair between herself and Bahati,the post did not go down so well with Mueni’s godmother who also identified herself as Kisha’s bestfriend Kathie Mueni, who accused both Bahati and Diana of trying to paint Kisha in badlight .

I know I will probably get blocked but as Mueni’s godmom and Yvettes bestfriend this is totally wrong, you guys are going way beyond to hurt @kisha254_256 ,yes she is @bahatikenya daughter and he has the right to post her but you Diana has no right without Yvettes consent,you all went ahead and started posting pictures without her consent,she has protected their baby since she was born but now you guys decide to do this without her knowledge? We who have been there before she was even born know the whole story and the picture you all trying to portray about Yvette won’t work ,we wont let it happen,sorry*.” Kathie wrote.

Neither Bahati nor Diana have responded to Kathie in regards to the matter.