After Ray-c ,Nyota Ndogo shows love to president Uhuru Kenyatta

Nyota Ndogo (L),President Uhuru Kenyatta (C),Tanzanian Singer Ray-c (R) PHOTO COURTESY

For the past year ,Tanzanian singer Ray-c has been trending after she publicly confessed that she  had a crush with the Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ray –c had posted a photo of the president on instagram in 2015 captioning it

“Lemme tell u a lil secret about Uhuru!!!!I love this guy to death!I have had a crush on him for soooooo long!!!huwa namuota sana sana!!!!I love everything about him!His Attitude, His accent!Total Package!!‘”

Well one would expect that the crush would fade away after two years but that’s not the case with Ray-c who affirmed her crush with the president was still on a few weeks ago in an interview with Mseto’s Will M  Tuva.

Well joining the bandwagon is Mombasa’s finest songstress Nyota Ndogo.

Nyota ndogo confessed her love for the president on instagram posting a video of the president cautioning Kenyans against tribal hatred .

“Hata rais wa jamuhuri ya kenya amekubaliana na mimi jamani.@uhurukenyatta nimekupenda bure kwa hili.@thebmgempire umeona hii.nenda kwa bio yangu”(Even the Kenyan president  echoes my statements,@uhurukenyatta I have liked you for this. @bmgempire have you seen this .Link on my bio.

The remarks come a few weeks after Nyota ndogo slammed politicians encouraging tribal hatred in her new song siwezi.