Songtress Vivian bereaved and dissapointed at public hospitals


Songstress Vivian is bereaved  after losing her brother Samuel Gathii Muriuki to meningitis on Sunday .

The hit songstress is not only bereaved but also disappointed at Kenyan public hospitals accusing them of speeding the death of her brother by neglecting him when he needed them the most.

In a post on her facebook page, the singer lashed out at the national hospital for allegedly neglecting her brother.

“Very Sad how I lost my beloved brother Samuel Gathii Muriuki. He had been diagnosed with Menengitis. He fought till his last breath and we fought alongside him as a family every step of the way. We are so proud of him. I am certain if we had a better health system my brother’s life would have been saved. The level of neglect at Kenyatta National Hospital is unbelievable. The medics sped up his death by not moving swiftly and taking my brother’s life for granted. There was little cooperation with my family from the hospital. We rise above this pain, the immense loss and let go of any feelings of hate because the devil is a liar and he can never win. We hold close to the many beautiful memories we shared together with him. It won’t be easy but we don’t have a choice.. However, something needs to be done so that no other Kenyan family will go through what we are going through. My late brother passed on at exactly 4.20pm yesterday as I watched him helplessly fight for his life.

Please pray for I and my family during this trying times. Contributions can be sent to my personal line 0725590103” the singer wrote.

The post by Vivian on instagram PHOTO COURTESY
The post by Vivian on Instagram PHOTO COURTESY

The singer who recently got engaged to media mogul Sam West later shared a video of her brother dancing at a concert she performed alongside Jamaican sensation Romain Virgo a few weeks ago at the KICC.

Efforts to get the Kenyatta National Hospital to respond were futile as the call center could not connect us to the department concerned.