(Video) Avril releases a  new song months after breakup

Avril Nyambura and her EX South African boyfriend.

Months after breaking with her South African boyfriend  Leslie Mugadza, singer Avril has released a new song that seems to vent out on the issues they had in their 4 year relationship.

The song titled Uko which was released 2 days ago by J blessing,seeks to to question the loyalty of her past lover.

“So you told the world you care about me, yet you are a liar..” .Sings avril.

The singer told Tanzanian blog  Bongo 5 that  she got motivated to write the song following her various disappointments from people who have been in her life.

“Life has taught me to question a lot of the people who come in and out of lives. I Just felt right writing it,”

Avril revealed in an interview with a local tabloid in June last year that she had split from her boyfriends after months of denying it.

The couple had earlier been alleged to be planning a lavish wedding but Avril later revealed that cultural issues was the reason she had not yet walked down the aisle.

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