Dr Eddie used me, singer Otile Brown

Singer Otile Brown PHOTO FILE

Mombasa,KENYA:A few weeks after a bitter disaffiliation from his manager Dr Eddie , leading coast singer Otile Brown has  spoken on the matter.

Otile who was speaking to Baraka Fm’s Mnyazi Kakinda during the Mziki Mzuka show claims that his estranged manager used him for his benefits and refused to honor most of the terms in their  contract.

“He breached the terms of the contracts. And I since I respected him I never used to question him all along.” Otile said.

The singer further added that the manager used his name to make money for himself but never reciprocated the favor when the shows were not coming.

“Last year I was the busiest artiste in Kenya my being with him really boosted his portfolio. But come January when the shows were few he never honored the terms.” The singer added.

Last month the singer shocked many when he announced his disaffiliation from his by then Manager  Dr Eddie of Dreamland music and urged fans to follow his new YouTube channel.

However Dr Eddie hit back at him by announcing that Otile had lost the right to most of hit singles which they had produced together and could not perform them in public since he had walked out an existing contract.

However the singer revealed to Mnyazi that he was still performing his past songs and that’s the reason he is currently touring Mombasa.

The singer further revealed he was not under any management company currently and that his  team composed of only publicists.