Universities launch platform to ensure graduates have skills to enter market

CS ICT Joe Mucheru launches the University Industry Sustainability platform. Looking on (L-R) Ed Fischer founder visions of hope for Africa , Vice Chancellor PAC University Prof Margaret Muthwii, Ms.Carole Kariuki KEPSA CEO and Daniel Murithi. PHOTO: ALBERT MWANGEKA.

Nairobi, KENYA: Industry stakeholders have come together with Kenyan universities in order to bridge the skills gap being experienced in the country.

During a sustainability conference organized by Pan Africa Christian PAC, University in partnership with Kenya Private Sector Alliance KEPSA and Visions of Hope Africa for Africa on Wednesday, it was realized that at times graduates did not have the necessary skills that matched market demands.

ICT Cabinet Secretary Mr. Joe Mucheru commended the partners for playing an important role to address the skills gap between academia and industry.

“My ministry will continue to work together with other ministries, the education sector and industry stakeholders through designing programs and developing projects that equip students with digital skills,” said Mr. Mucheru.

Mr. Mucheru advised that graduates could also easily access thousands of jobs on various online platforms.

Prof. Margaret Muthwii, Vice Chancellor of PAC University concluded that Universities and colleges are under obligation to ensure that every student graduating from Kenya’s institutions of higher learning, has the requisite skill-sets and competencies required in Industry.