President Magufuli orders the release of Rapper Nay wa mitego

Nay wa Mitego greeted by well-wishers and relatives on his release. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Tanzanian president on Monday ordered the release of hard spitting rapper who had been detained by Tanzanian authorities in the capital Dares Salaam since Saturday.

Tanzanian media reports that president Magufuli ordered the controversial song “Wapo” that had landed him trouble, played on Tanzanian radio stations adding that it had catchy beats.

Magufuli’s orders came against an earlier order by the National council of performing arts in Tanzania BASATA which had banned the song citing inappropriate words in the song.

President Magufuli further advised the rapper to improve on the lyrics of the song and to address more issues like Tax evasion and drug abuse.

In the Lyrics Nay wa Mitego criticizes the lack of freedom of speech in his country citing a recent incident when the RC of Dares Salaam Paul Makonda stormed into the offices of privately owned media house clouds TV, to try force them air certain videos.

Nay also questions if the president personally knows a certain Bashite which is said to be the nickname of Makonda.

The song further criticizes a fictional president who rules the country on an iron fist while making irrational decisions for publicity purposes.

Nay wa Mitego is known for his hard hitting lyrics where he criticizes social ills.

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