(Video) This is why Tanzanian rapper Nay wa Mitego has been arrested

Tanzanian rapper Nay wa Mitego, PHOTO COURTESY

Vocal Tanzanian rapper Nay wa Mitego spent the weekend in police custody after Tanzanian authorities picked him up on Saturday.

According to a post on his Instagram account, the rapper was arrested in Morogoro in the Eastern part of Tanzania.

“Nimekamatwa kweli. Muda Huu nikiwa hotel Morogoro baada ya kumaliza Kazi yangu iliyo ni leta. Napelekwa Mvomelo Police. Nawapenda Watanzania wote.”

(Its true I have been arrested at a hotel in Morogoro after I completed my business here.I am now headed to Mvomelo police .I love you Tanzanians.) wrote Nay.

It is not clear why the rapper was arrested but suspicions lie on the release of his latest song “Wapo” where he criticizes several Tanzanian leaders and celebrities.

In the song, Nay criticizes the perceived lack of freedom of speech in Tanzania perhaps due to the recent events where the RC of Dares Salaam  Paul Makonda together with several police officers stormed the offices of privately owned Clouds TV in a bid to try force the station to air certain videos.

According to EATV, the Police commander for Morogoro Urlich Mtein confirmed that the rapper had been arrested because of his song Wapo where he criticizes several Tanzanian leaders.

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This is not the first time that Nay has rubbed several personalities in Tanzania the wrong way over his hard hitting lyrics.

In 2016 Nay rubbed several Tanzanian celebrities among them  actress Wema Sepetu and Ommy Dimpoz the wrong way in  his single  ‘Shika Adabu’.

Watch the video of the song Wapo that got him arrested on the next page.