We want back the Galana- Kulalu scheme, Kingi to the government

A combine harvester harvesting maize at the Galana-Kulalu scheme in Tana River PHOTO COURTESY

Kilifi, KENYA:Kilifi governor Amason Jeffah Kingi has blamed the national government over what he  is saying  is a failure of the  Galana-Kulalu  irrigation   scheme.

Kingi says the project is supposed to be handled by the county government but he was shocked to see it being handled by the national government.

Speaking in Mwarakaya-Chonyi in Kilifi South, on Wednesday during his projects tour, the governor said the project had failed to meet the expectations of the people of Kilifi and Tana River counties who gave
out the land for its inception.

He said the national government has been investing a lot of funds to the unproductive project that has people of the two counties suffer from hunger.

“Three years ago, I and Tana river governor Hussein Dado were called by President Uhuru Kenyatta at Galana to discuss about the inception of the Galana –Kulalu irrigation scheme,” said Kingi.

“When the President told us about the project I told him to exercise the constitution by giving the mandate of running it to us as it is a devolved function but he refused. He said the national government would take care of the project and promised the people of Kilifi that they would never go out of food, but now we suffer from hunger and the project is hanging on the air,” added Kingi.

Kingi  called  upon the n ational  government  to  hand  over  the  project  back to the county government.

He assured the people of Kilifi that should he be given back the project, famine would be a thing of the past in  the County.