Lamu will support NASA in the general elections, declares Governor Timamy


Lamu, KENYA: Lamu Governor Issa Timamy has now declared that he will neither defect nor drum up support for the Jubilee party ahead of the general elections as he had earlier promised.

Timamy has been under pressure to ditch NASA which hosts his ANC party and support Jubilee.

The governor now says he will remain in NASA and will support it since the people of Lamu have decided his fate.

During his recent visit to Lamu to commission the construction of the 135KM Lamu-Garsen road,President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto urged Timamy to cross over and support Jubilee in order to be able to realize the development plans he had for the people of Lamu.

They also asked Timamy to dissociate himself with the opposition saying Jubilee was focused on service delivery and not just empty talk like the opposition.

Timamy had promised to have a suitable answer for the president when he honors his invitation to come to the county in April.

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Things looked bright for Jubilee since it seemed to have touched the governor’s heart.

However,speaking during an emergency meeting the governor had called for between him and youth leaders, women leaders and the council of elders at the Mwana Arafa hotel in Lamu on Sunday, Timamy said he had indeed been under pressure by the president and his deputy to join Jubilee.

“When the president came we held a meeting in which he wanted me to ditch NASA and join Jubilee. They said if I join JP there will be more development here.I told them that I would think about it.Today am here to seek your indulgence on the matter.your decision will be my lead,”said Timamy.

The elders also lashed at Timamy and asked him to stop swaying and instead stay put in NASA from which they promised to have him re-elected.

They reminded the governor that in Lamu,leaders are elected based on their development record and feasibility of their manifestos and not based on political alliances and as such there was no need for him to change parties.

“Let the governor remain where he is in NASA.Joining Jubilee will not determine whether one loses or wins here.its what you have done for the people.we have seen what Timamy has done and we are satisfied that he is fit for re-election.Let him not even attempt joining JP.Its very unnecessary,” said Mohamed Omar.

The various representatives also urged the governor to beware of leaders and politicians who want to kill his political ambitions.

“For all the five years they were in Power both the president and his deputy never recognized Timamy but now all of sudden they are very interested in having him join their side. Of course we know it’s all for amassing votes nothing else.Its very weird and we want the governor to be very cautious,” said Nassir Abdullahi.

Thereafter,Timamy announced that he would remain in NASA since he was bound to follow the will of his people.

“I won’t be moving to or supporting Jubilee.I continue to in NASA on my ANC party.My people have decided,”said Timamy.

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