Beef alert! Vj Chris vs Demakufu

Demakufu (left) and VJ chris (right).

We might soon witness an epic boxing battle pitting two heavyweight entertainers, Demakufu of Nairobi and Mombasa’s VJ Chris.

This is after VJ Chris popularly known as ‘street king’ used Demakufu’s name in his mixtape that he released recently.

In the mixtape, VJ Chris takes jabs at Demakufu referring to his dark skin a matter that  Demakufu did not take lightly.

The Nairobi based DJ has threatened to sue VJ Chris saying he is using his name to market himself.

Speaking to Mega breakfast show on Baraka FM on Tuesday, Demakufu said he has no time to argue with VJ Chris.

“People told me he (vj chris) is using my name in his mix tape and when I contacted him he became harsh and was spoiling for a fight,” said Demakufu.

VJ Chris said only a boxing match would settles scores instead of Demakufu rushing to the courts for help.

“Yes I want to fight him. He started the beef and now I want to end it physically in a boxing ring’ “said Vj Chris.

Fans are eagerly waiting for an official announcement for a boxing match!!!!