Four foreign suspected drug barons arrested in Mombasa


Mombasa, KENYA:Four suspected drug barons have been arrested in Mombasa.

The suspects two South Africans and two Sychellois, were arrested around Nyali area.

The two Sychellois Nelson Vivian George’s Dominguez and Nedy Conrad Rodney Micock were arrested together with the South Africans Marck Anthony Failvelewitz and Barend David Nolte were also arrested at an apartment near Nyali Beach hotel.

They were arrested on Friday night by a multi-agency team from Nairobi who had been tasked to track down the suspects.

Head of antinarcotic boss Hamisi Massa confirmed to Baraka FM the arrest of the four suspects but declined to reveal more information about them.

“The other information about the suspects you have to wait as investigations are underway.We could only reveal more after we are done,”he said.

There were also reports that police recovered some drugs from the suspects but the quantity remains unknown.