We are not an outlawed gang! Kadu Asili tells CS Nkaiserry

Kaloleni MP Gunga Mwinga who is also Kadu Asili's party leader at a past function. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Kilifi, KENYA: A coast based independent political party Kadu Asili has called upon Interior CS Joseph Nkaiseri to shed more light on an organized criminal gang called Kadu Asili networks based in the region.

The gang was initially banned by CS Nkaissery in his 30th December gazette notice in Nairobi.

The party leader, also Kaloleni MP Gunga Mwinga, on Wednesday told Baraka FM that the party has officially written to Nkaiserry  regarding the issue, which he says  could result to tension as the country heads to the general elections.

“We are agitated by this gang, because associating this name with an organized criminal gang will badly affect us and as a result we have written to CS Nkaiseri to seek clarity on which group he was referring to,” said Mwinga.

He said the party had no relationship with such a group and expressed the willingness of the party to work with the government investigation agencies to stop the group if it exists.

“Kadu asili is a legally registered political party and we have no any information on where Kadu Asili networks stems from,” Mwinga clarified.

He expressed his worries that the gazette notice might have been a plan by the government to de-popularize the party which has all along been championing for peaceful elections.

“I feel this is just an organized plan to taint our political party by making it look like a criminal gang. The move has brought in jittery in our party, making some members uneasy. We want the CS to tell us who are the members of Kadu Asili networks,” added Mwinga.

Among other groups that were listed included wakali kwanza and wakali wao who are known dangerous gangs at the coast.

On Jamhuri day, Kilifi county commissioner Joseph Keter said the security team is closely monitoring some groups that are planning to disrupt peace during this year’s general elections.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery on December 30 through an official gazette notice, outlawed 89 criminal gangs running activities in different parts of the country.

According to the CS, among the groups are, Gaza Boys, 42 Brothers, Acrobatic, Akapulo, Akili za Usiku, American Marines, Bad Men, Baragoi Boys, Beasts, Black Latino, Bongo Rongo, Boston Boys, Bulanda Boys, Chapa Ilale, Chifu Kali, Chimoi Highway Gang, China Squad, Chini ya Mnazi, Chunga Chunga, Colombo, Confirm Group, Cool Base, Corner Stars, Culture Boys, Egypt Boys, Eleven Crazy (Mji Mkubwa), Elite, Eminants of mungiki, Five Fingers, G15 among others.