Section of Kenyan’s file petition challenging Wabukala’s suitability as EACC chief

Archbishop Eliud Wabukala. PHOTO: FILE.

Nairobi, KENYA: Retired Anglican archbishop Eliud Wabukala is facing hurdles to clinch the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission  chair position, after a section of Kenyans filed petitions challenging his suitability.

But appearing before Parliamentary Justice and Legal Affairs committee Wabukala said that he will not be swayed with pressures from any quarter while discharging his mandate if he sails through.

While undergoing vetting before legal affairs committee chaired Samuel Chepkonga, Wabukala
downplayed allegations by some Kenyans, including those who petitioned his suitability in running the commission, by pointing out that the anti corruption steering committee which he chaired performed effectively despite the fact of being underfunded.

Gilbert Mukabane,Eric Abuu ,Jerambe Munuhe and John Mbugua alleged that they don’t consider Wabukala to be suitable in the position of EACC chair, arguing that the committee under performed despite the fact that his committee received millions of money to fight graft.

He insisted that he will be steadfast in discharging his duties as EACC chair and will not allow external pressures to interfere with the commission while undertaking his duties.