Do you need to be skinny to be a sexy model ?

Do you need to be skinny to be a sexy model ?

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Ashley Graham, a famous plus-size model in USA. Photo/

Ashley Graham a fashion model has proved to the world that sexy doesn’t have to mean skinny. You  just need to be yourself and sexy.

In her very own lingerie line for New York Fashion Week, the 27-year-old advocate for positive body image among women of all sizes,  stunned the crowd in flattering undergarments and a lace kimono, part of her new Holiday Black Orchid and Modern Boudoir collections.

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Graham’s new lingerie line was featured in Addition Elle’s New York Fashion Week show. Photo/

“It was absolutely amazing, I still have chills from how well it went!” Graham told of Tuesday’s show, adding that she launched the line because she had trouble finding lingerie that fit her body and looked good, too.

“For the longest time I could find supportive bras and I could find sexy bras, but never both,” she said. “I wanted to create a line that did both and made [women] feel beautiful.”

Graham, a size 16, is famous for appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition as a plus-size model, and for speaking up about the body issues women and girls face — and why curves aren’t a bad thing.

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“A lot of females — of all ages — come to me for advice on how to gain confidence,” she said. “There aren’t many women talking about their imperfections like I am, and I’m happy to be that voice telling women, ‘Hey, it’s OK to have cellulite. It’s natural!'”

Graham’s line was among several featured by Addition Elle in the show, sponsored by Kia Style360. The retailer has also teamed up with another famous plus-size model on a new line: Nadia Aboulhosn. Her collection of fall staples like black dresses, skinny pants and sweaters launches next week at Lord & Taylor stores.

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